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    Seeking arrival record for Rose Storch Gastwirth

    Armando Ghinaglia Wayfarer

      Hi all, I'm hitting a bit of a brick wall trying to find U.S. arrival records for my spouse's ancestor and was hoping someone might be able to help.


      First names: Rose, Rassie (typo?), Rivka, Rivka Dase

      Last name: Storch (maiden name), Gastwirth (married)

      DOB: August 13, 1893 (husband's naturalization petition); 1890s otherwise

      Hometown: Mielec, Austria (now Poland) (no direct proof, but all her siblings were born there)

      Immigration date: before January 6, 1916 (date she was married in New York City)


      Here are the documents that I have for her:

      • Jan. 1916 marriage certificate
      • 1920 Census (lists her as an alien who came in 1914) (Ancestry)
      • 1925 NY State Census (lists her as an alien who came in 1914) (Ancestry)
      • 1930 Census (lists her as an alien who came in 1901 or 1911) (Ancestry)
      • 1940 Census (lists her as naturalized) (Ancestry)
      • 1941 death certificate (lists her as coming in 1901, but there are other mistakes there that make me think it's less reliable)


      I've tried finding naturalization records. Her husband naturalized in 1928 in the Bronx, but my understanding is that after 1922, wives didn't automatically obtain citizenship through their spouse's naturalizations, such that she would've needed to naturalize separately (assuming the 1940 Census is right on that front). Sadly, the form used didn't require him to list what day/by what means she came to the States. I also checked and NARA doesn't have a record of her naturalizing in federal court. The indices available online for New York state courts (German Gen and Italian Gen) don't show her naturalizing separately there.


      I've also tried Ellis Island searches, and all of those have been fruitless (as to her). Though there are a few close calls (a Chane Storch and a Ryfka Storch), none have her father's name as on her marriage certificate, Hebrew tombstone, and siblings' records (Abraham Leib) or the right hometown (Mielec). Still, all of her siblings who came to America came through Ellis Island, and I have all of their arrival and naturalization records (see here, here, here, and here—cue more frustration at not finding hers). She's definitely not on any of the ships they came on, or on the ones that her cousins, who are listed in some of her siblings' records, came on.


      The closest thing to a lead is that a 20-year-old Rivka Storch immigrated to Canada from Austria in May 1911 (Canadian records, with UK departure record here) and lived under the name Beckie Storch with a family that had immigrated from Mielec to Canada (through Ellis Island) in 1903 (Canadian Census here). No similar person (looking by variant first names/approximate ages) shows up in the 1921 Canadian Census, which makes me wonder whether this might be the person I'm looking for. She also pops up on the "Index to Alien Arrivals at Canadian Atlantic and Pacific Seaports." On the other hand, she's not on the May 24, 1911 manifest for U.S.-bound passengers, and my efforts to find her in the Soundex indices of the St. Albans list were not successful, but I may be missing something here.


      I'd be extremely, extremely grateful for any help or thoughts on where to turn next!