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    What is the history behind decision to use these biblical verses?

    Jamie Stolper Newbie

      What is the history behind the decision to use the passage from the biblical book of Numbers 6:24-26 on the wall of the USS Arizona Memorial (and the earlier preliminary marker)?  The image below is of the original memorial plaque, erected before the large USS Arizona Memorial was built.  The last 3 lines of this are a mashup of verses 25 and 26 in Numbers chapter 6.  If I recall correctly, the entire 3 verses are engraved on a wall in the new memorial structure on the walkway in.  The 3 verses comprise what is known as The Priestly Blessing, said by the high priest Aaron to the entire Israelite nation, and has been used throughout the centuries by people of different faiths for comfort and inspiration.  I have been trying to find out why the designer of the memorials chose to use these biblical verses.