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    Seeking information on New Years Womble & the Womble House

    Walter Womble Newbie

      I have been collecting information on my Great Grandfather, New Years Womble to find as much information as possible in an effort to trace my linage back as far as possible. What little I do know is that he was African American and married 3 times. He was born around the year 1864 and lived in Fayetteville. North Carolina. I do not know if he was a slave but I believe his father was. In my search I have found that there may have been some mixed Wombles since many of my relatives had very fair hair and blue or hazel eyes. I have even heard rumors throughout my life whereas New Years even took in an illegitimate child of Ulysses S. Grant but this is pretty much all I know. Also, either he or one of his sons owned a hotel called the Womble House in Fayetteville that was demolished around 2008. I am interested in any historical recourses, pictures, documents of any kind in reference to New Years and his descendants. Thank you.