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    Seeking records about The Fairfield

    Marilyn Kennedy Newbie

      Trying to find about when the vessel known as The Fairfield which was built by Housatonic Shipbuilding in Stratford, CT and launched on December 31, 1918 was left to burn.  Can't find the date it was destroyed. Have original newspaper clipping but date is so worn can not see. Don't even know which paper it was printed from. The newspaper is behind an old picture and only mentions its original launching, and notes it was destroyed by burning. But no date. Trying to connect this to the picture, so it would be very helpful. The USSB#455  The O.N.217899  Type is Cargo Ship Hull, Design 1001, Tons 2,551 Delivery 1919. The above info I got from Connecticut Shipbuilders. But can't find when it was destroyed by fire.

      Thank you for your time. Marilyn