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    Re: Understanding Army Orders of WWII

    Lisa Sharik Scout

      IG is Inspector General. it is a section of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the other two men listed being assigned to the Headquarters Command section also under the H and H Co.


      Work with the IG would have been as a clerk, aide, office assistant etc... It would not include working in the mess hall section which would have fallen under the Company HQ section.


      This is a Special Order (SO) it is assigning him to a unit ( IG section of the H and H Company). It is not a travel order.


      RE is Rear Echelon




      Lisa Sharik

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          Robert Stallard Wayfarer


          Thanks for your help so far.  I added some questions about another order my father received.  Could you look again at my discussions?  Thanks.

          Bob Stallard

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              Lisa Sharik Scout

              Afraid I can't help much, "HQ cs" could be Headquarters Clearing Station, or Chief of Staff but it is not capitalized which I would assume it would be for either of my two suggestions which would seem to indicate an abbreviation of a common word, not a title.

              SOS for Service of Supply was replaced by the Military with Armed Forces Service in 1943, but SOS continued to be used for theater specific units, ie... European Theater, Pacific Theater. The 6T might relate to a designation within the China theater but I am afraid I don't have much information on the CBI as we only had one small unit, the 124th Cavalry Regiment which served there.


              Lisa Sharik