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    Seeking records of John, Pierce & William Kent plus Irish Organizations

    Laura Doyle Newbie

      Hello! I am researching for a book I am writing about my ancestors, three brothers- John, Pierce and William Kent who resided in New York from the 1880s-1920s respectively.  They were Irish and I can confirm that at least one of them was involved in the Fenian Brotherhood and Clan na Gael in New York, I believe he was part of the Emerald Club.  He was imprisoned in England for his involvement and returned to New York when he was released in 1895 and returned back here to Ireland in the 1920s.  Another was the Vice President of the New York Branch of the Gaelic League and the other Brother I do not know much about.  I would like to find out where I may find records for these type Irish organizations, if they even exist? I know that Pierce, was committed to Bellevue hospital in 1902 before he died, are there records available for there? Finally, I am not sure where to find William, I believe he lived in Brooklyn but any recommendations on how or where to find records of him on a census/naturalization/immigration/marriage etc  would be much appreciated.  Thank you, Laura.