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    Quick Questions - What Motivated You to Join ByThePeople?

    L Kim Newbie

      Hello! For a school project, I wanted to ask this wonderful community of volunteers some questions:


      1) How did you come across By the People? Were you always interested in transcribing historical documents, or was this something you came to enjoy after you became a volunteer?


      2) Why do you volunteer at By the People? Is there any specific reason you could provide?


      3) By the People states that its mission is to both further the creativity of the American people and contribute to the advancement of civilization. How do you feel about this dynamic of simultaneously bettering America while making the world a better place?


      4) Do you believe that through this volunteer, you are making a significant difference? If you do not believe so, do you think you are making whatever difference you can, no matter how small it may be? And are you satisfied with your current level of volunteerism?


      Thank you so much! You're all a big help.