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    Seeking Sioux Crime Outcomes and Restorative Justice Practices

    Jeremy Vu Newbie



      I am a doctoral student at the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, MN. My dissertation is qualitative research, more specifically, historical research on Indigenous restorative justice. My research centers around restorative justice, specifically, justice practices of the Lakota people. A direction that my dissertation is heading is that the U.S. could potentially revitalize historical judicial practices that were restorative, similar to what the Lakota people used pre-Western judicial system.


      My research questions are: 1) how was law and justice handled pre-colonization by the Lakota people and 2) how (and in what ways) do Lakota values correlate to restorative justice values?


      I am seeking any data (text, photo, etc.) regarding how any crime was handled before Western law went into practice (1887). Before this time, Lakota people were referred to as the Sioux. If anyone could help with the hours of searching documents, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you (wopila tanka).