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    Seeking immigration records of Joh. H. Raver

    Michelle Schutte Cathey Wayfarer

      If I have the following information (from myherritage.com),  What can I find at the archives with with this information?  I tried searching the NARA site, but was more confused than when I started:(

      NameJoh. H. Raver
      BirthCirca 1800
      Arrival1832  Baltimore
      Document typeImmigrant Record
      Accession #9228814
      Gale Id4785373
      Source publication code9152.2
      SourcePassenger and Immigration Lists Index
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          Susannah Brooks Navigator

          This is a US Customs Service list of passengers arriving in Baltimore between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 1832.  Every quarter the local Customs Service officials were required to send a list of all immigrant passengers that arrived in the port.  To my knowledge the lists only exist for Baltimore & New Orleans for certain years.  The Baltimore lists do not contain the names of the ships or the actual date of arrival, but are arranged chronologically, starting with the first passenger from the first ship arriving during the quarter.  Because Joh. H. Raver appears on the 6th page from the end of the 1st quarter list for 1832, one would assume that he arrived in late March 1832.  There is only one existing passenger list for Baltimore between Jan 1831 & 4 Sep 1833.  That ship arrived August 1832.

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            Eric Kilgore Adventurer

            Dear Michelle Schutte,


            Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!


            The National Archives maintains Passenger Lists of arriving vessels on microfilm.  More information on Immigration Records can be found here.   These records are also available on partner sites like Ancestry.com, a subscription-based service.  Many libraries and archives provide free access to ancestry.com.  You can also access these records on familyseach.org which offers free memberships.


            While this particular Passenger List offers limited information, you can expand your search to other pertinent record groups like Naturalization, visa, and alien records.  If you haven't done so already, check out this page that explains more about these types of records: -https://www.archives.gov/research/immigration .


            We hope this information was helpful.  Best of luck with your research!