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    Looking for someone who will help to copy files.


      Dear fellow researchers/Historians,

      My name is René Bosma en I live in the little Dutch town of Oosterwolde. About 5 years I have been investigating the air war over the Northern part of the Netherlands. It is my main objective to collect information about the aircraft and the airmen which came down over the province of Friesland, The Netherlands during the Second World War. I consider it very important to keep the memory of the air war alive, especially the many flyers paid with their lives for our Freedom.

      A lot of information that is very useful to make interesting stories are stored in the NARA At College Park. Sadly is not possible for me to make a visit to the College Park archives. That's why I looking for someone who want to be helpful to make good quality pictures of files.


      I hope someone would be helpful. Or someone knows someone who can help.


      Thank you all in advance and kind regards,