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    Seeking women named S Tablock

    Sharon Mcguire Wayfarer

      My grandmother before she passed away let me know that my grandfather on his side of the family had married an Indian woman with the last name tablock her first name starts with an S I believe . I cannot find records anywhere. I have found a family tree but no one from that side of the family talks to me so I can't confirm. I know that my 6 GGF  name is Abel Lanham/Langham. Richard his second son is my 5th great-grandfather my grandfather's name is Thomas Lanham my father's name is Kevin Lanham / Bramblett the two names that my grandfather went by  where Junior Jenkins(his mothers maiden name) and Lanaham (his fathers) last name  I don't know what side of the family my grandmother was talking aboutI know that my 6th great-grandfather Abel died in Tennessee I don't know much about the jenkins yet as when locating all of these family members I get very confused and as I said no one on that side of the family wants to connect with me whether they are just reluctant or even knew I existed I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much I know that the tribe would have been down south Mississippi Tennessee in that area, more than likely sometime in 1800 I could possibly provide more information if needed, but

      again any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Amanda Pritchard Adventurer

          Dear Ms. Mcguire,


          Thank you for posting on History Hub!


          Using the information provided in your post, it is unclear who 'S. Tablock' was married to. If your grandmother said that "someone" on your grandfather's side of the family married a Native American, that could be anyone, not necessarily a direct ancestor.


          We suggest you start with piecing together your family tree with the information that you do have beginning with yourself and your parents. Census records are a good place to start. You may wish to search Ancestry or FamilySearch for the U.S. Census. There may be a fee for using Ancestry. Instead, please check for access at your local library as many library systems subscribe to these sites, making them free for their patrons.


          Ultimately, use the information you have and see where the records take you. The Department of the Interior has a website on tracing your Indian Ancestry. To keep your research organized, we suggest you input your information onto a family tree using Ancestry (fee-based) or FamilySearch (free).


          We hope this information proves useful to your research!