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    Looking for Great-grandfather's WW1 draft registration card

    Chris Mantell Wayfarer

      My Great-grandfather lived in Chicago during WW1.  He had a different last name than what subsequent generations have been known as and, based on my research, started using a new name without ever having officially changed it with the government (as far as I can tell).  As I am working on my dual citizenship with Italy, having this draft registration card with his alias/new name on it would provide me the government documentation I need to show the consulate to make the link between him and me given the different last names.  So, I am trying to obtain two things:


      1.  the location of the World War 1 draft registration card in the archives

      2.  An official copy of the card with National Archives certification/stamp/letterhead etc


      My great-grandfather's name was Loreto Correri (alias Louis Mantell) and he lived in Chicago at the time of registration.  DOB: 9/9/1888.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


      Chris Mantell