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    looking for someone in 56th air defense artillery regiment

    Jimmy CARTIGNY Newbie

      Hello everybody. I am looking for someone who was in the 56th air defense artillery regiment. I am French and I am 19 years old. But my dad is 65 years old and he was a military in 1975 and he was in Germany while it was occupied by the winners of WWII so he was in the French army. And in Germany, French army was with the American Army and my dad met someone and they gave their caps to each other. So my dad has this cap since 1975. And today he showed me this cap and told me he was sad because he never met again the person who gave him this cap and he didn't know his name. Then I took a look at the cap and I found a name and a number. And I also found that the person was from the 56th air defense artillery regiment. The man's name is "WINSTON BENNETT" and his social security number on his cap. I tried to search on many websites and as French, it is complicated sometimes. So I wanted to ask if it is possible to find this man, and if he is dead to find his family so we will be able to have a contact with them. Thank you so much.