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    WW2 Aftermath: Russian assistance to the escape of SS and pro-Nazi prisoners in the Netherlands?

    Emile DEJEHANSART Newbie

      The hypothesis may seem surprising.

      However, in 1946, a Dutch newspaper mentioned it in connection with a number of escapes that took place in the SLUIS region at that time.

      The price for this help would have been the commitment of the freed prisoners to go and fight Franco in Spain.

      The network so set up would have had important local accomplices but also abroad, and more particularly in Belgium (among other things for the crossing of the French-Belgian border).

      A book recently published in Amsterdam adds that these people were not all "sent" to Spain, but also to other countries, and that they got their "instructions" directly from the Russian Embassy.

      The system would also have allowed the escape of "ethnic" German prisoners of war and not only ex-Nazis of Dutch (or Belgian) nationality.

      Does anyone have more information about this?

      Thanks in advance to all for your collaboration.