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    Seeking Wendell Cleland Palestine Memo

    Michelle Kinnucan Adventurer

      Greetings, I am trying to locate a September 12, 1947, memorandum authored by Wendell Cleland of the US State Department's Division of Research for the Near East concerning US foreign policy regarding the UN's proposal to partition Palestine. According to Evan M. Wilson in Decision on Palestine: How the U.S. Came to Recognize Israel (Hoover Inst. Pr. 1979) the memo was submitted to Colonel William A. Eddy and was also forwarded to Secretary of State Marshall and to Loy Henderson (see p. 213, note 14). Wilson also says the memo is "found in the 1947 Palestine files at the National Archives." I conducted searches using several different search terms on history.state.gov but was unable to locate memo. Likewise I was unable to locate the record via a search of catalog.archives.gov. Would you please help me obtain this memo?


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      Michelle Kinnucan