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    Seeking the father's name of George W. Grantham


      George W. Grantham was born 1879 in north Carolina and was put up for adoption in1883 along with his sister by his mother Dizy Grantham ( father unknown ) daugther of Needham & Levina Grantham. shortly after Needham's death and giving up Geo & Rebecca to a Daniel j. Hood group home she later married Fountain Grantham. Dizy went by other names like dicy, direy, and disa witch makes it hard to find birth records and such. my grandfather was William M. Grantham sr. son of Geo w.  and Gurtrude  Grantham. all my grandfather knew of his dad  was he left him when he was very little and was told by his mother his dad was an orphan from north Carolina. Now there all gone and I am seeking the info for my family records.

      BEWARE : there were two geo w. grantham's in the 1800's one born Virginia and one born north carolina but both lived in washington dc in the 1900's