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    Seeking information about Joseph L.H. Gilliam

    Wendell Massey Wayfarer

      I am trying to locate/acquire information on an ancestor of mine to try to determine where he is buried.   His name was Joseph L.H. Gilliam, and he was with the 32nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment (CSA).  Another spelling variant of his last name might be Gilliand. By all accounts, everything I have states that he died in 1863, after the Battle of Chattanooga, TN, however, nobody that I've spoken to knows anything more.  I would like to find out where he is buried, and anything else would help.



      Wendell J Massey

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          His records of his CSM have been digitized and can be found on NARA catalogue. Here is a link for the records. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/180729630


          There is also where he is buried but not sure because it states he was with the 4th Tenn Cav but provided you with a link. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/66575829/joseph-gilliam


          Might help if you know his wifes name I could look for a pension record?

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              Wendell Massey Wayfarer


              Hello and thank you so much for your assistance.   Sergeant Joseph L.H. Gilliam's wife was named Rebecca Lucinda Pigg.  On some records, her name might have been spelled Loucindy Pigg in lieu of Lucinda.  It looks like they were married on SEP 17, 1857.  They had a daughter, Mary Francis Gilliam that was born in 1858.  Mary Francis was my great grandmother or my grandfather's grandmother.  I do know that after Joseph L.H. Gilliam was killed, she eventually remarried and had several more children by her second wife. 


              I have attached two images from his service in the Confederate Army.  I am hoping this helps. In the second picture, it looks like his middle initial was F in lieu of H.   



              Jay Massey

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                Wendell Massey Wayfarer


                Once again, thank you so much for sending me these records.   It looks like I only had one or two of the ones previously that you sent.   The Gilliam from the 4th Tennessee Cavalry was not the same Joseph Gilliam we are referencing.  Gilliam's wife was Rebecca Lucinda Pigg which you might also spelled as Loucindy on some records.  They had a daughter named Mary Francis Gilliam which would have been my great-great grandmother.  She was born in 1858.


                A gentleman (Mr. Ogden) from the Chickamauga Battlefield Park sent this email about a year ago.  He includes the location of some of the key documents that might tell where he is buried.   Mr. Ogden references Manuscript 1999 and the importance of obtaining this.  Here is the email:



                Major Massey:



                From sources available to me here at the National Military Park, it appears that your Joseph L. H. Gilliam died in Atlanta, Georgia, probably in a hospital, in or after the latter part of October, 1863, and before December 1, 1863.  He had been sent sick to a hospital in Chattanooga on July 29, 1863, and was still reported in a hospital at the end of October/beginning of November, 1863.  The Confederate hospitals in Chattanooga were evacuated southward in August, 1863, so he would have been moved to a new location at that time too.  Have you acquired a copy of his Compiled Military Service Record (CMSR)?  The originals of those are in the National Archives in Washington, D. C., but are available on microfilm at a number of places, including the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and online via the commercial service Fold 3 (fold3.com).  If you have not acquired his CMSR, you need to as it is the most specific record of his service unless you are fortunate to have an extensive diary he might have kept.  It appears that the Williamson County Public Library has a subscription to Fold 3 so if you do not have his CMSR via any other source, you should be able to get it via that.  Note that because of the not uncommon spelling errors, his CMSR is actually spread through three--under, in Fold 3, Jos L H Gillam, J L Gillard {Gillarn on the actual card], and Joseph L H Gilliam {the bulk of it].  It is the card under J L Gillard{/Gillarn} that is the key, the summary extract from Manuscript No. 1999.  That shows that he died and has a date associated with it of November 30, 1863.  What is going to be key is to see what else is in that Manuscript 1999.  It is at least 37 pages in length.  There are cards from that same manuscript in the CMSRs of at least two other 32nd Tennessee soldiers who died in Atlanta in the second half of 1863--John L. Jones, Co. H, who died at Fair Grounds Hospital No. 2 October 6, 1863 (Ms. No. 1999, p. 1, associated date of October 31, 1863) and D. M. Leatherwood, Co. E, who died at Blackie/Winship & Blackie Hospital November 1 or October 31, 1863 (Ms. No. 1999, p. 35, associated date of November 30, 1863).  Seeing all or some of the pages of that Manuscript 1999 is going to be key.  It is probably going to take someone, either yourself or a friend, or a hired researcher, going into the National Archives in downtown Washington, D. C. to get it.  Since at least two other men of the 32nd who died in Atlanta in 1863, both of whom are buried in Oakland Cemetery there, appear on it, it probably has to do with deaths in hospitals in the latter part of 1863 or the burial of the bodies of those who died in Atlanta hospitals in that latter part of 1863.


                Since Gilliam appears to have died in Atlanta, he theoretically should be buried in Oakland Cemetery.  A history and register of the Confederate burials in that cemetery is:


                Zaworski, Dr. Robert E.  Headstones of Heroes: The Restoration and History of Confederate Graves in Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery   (the author, 1997; printed by Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, Ky.), 172 pp., alphabetical listing of burials

                Unfortunately, there is not a clear entry for him.  There are entries for Jones and Leatherwood.  An early, ca. 1884, transcription of the now lost original records of the Confederate interments February, 1862 to July 5, 1864, is at the Georgia Department of Archives and History and is online:




                I did not find Gilliam in the few minutes I spent looking but you might spend some time looking for him under all the possible variant spelling in the alphabetical listing and in the July-December dates in the various hospital sections.  I did find Leatherwood and Jones.


                It is also possible that there will be some record of his hospitalization and death in the Dr. Samuel H. Stout Papers at the University of Texas-Austin.


                As noted above though, getting copies of all or at least the key pages of Manuscript 1999 is probably going to be the key.


                Jim Ogden





                James H. Ogden, III, Historian


                Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park & Moccasin Bend National Archeological District........."for the purpose of preserving and suitably marking for historical and professional military study the fields of some of the most remarkable maneuvers and most brilliant fighting in the war of the rebellion (Aug. 19, 1890, 16 U. S. C. 424)"  &  "to preserve, protect, and interpret for the benefit of the public the nationally significant archeological and historic resources located on the peninsula known as Moccasin Bend (Feb. 20, 2003, Pub. Law 108-7, 117 STAT. 247, 16 U. S. C. 424c)"