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    Why did the name change?

    Natalie Glines Wayfarer

      This family was from Transtrand, Dalarna, Sweden:

      Jonas Larsson Fräs (1740–1819) had a son with Kerstin Olsdotter named Lars Larsson Geting.

      Lars Jonsson Geting (1773-1814) had a son with Kerstin Larsdotter named Lars Larsson Hedin (1807-1877).


      Why did the name change from Fras to Geting to Hedin? I think Geting sounds like Hedin. But why the Fras? I can't find enough documents for this, but it was info passed through family trees.

      Was something going on in this time period? I know vaguely that the surnames started popping up around this time, but I thought it was a bit later.



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          Eric Kilgore Adventurer

          Dear Natalie Glines,


          Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!


          Names and name changes can be very confusing when researching family histories.  One resource that may be helpful in your situation is the Familysearch.org Wiki page on Swedish genealogy.  Specifically the section on names found here: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Sweden_Personal_Names .  There's an interesting section that explains surnames being added due to military service or certain jobs to avoid multiple individuals with the same name such as "Larsson." "Lars" is a very common name so there would naturally be many "Sons of Lars."  The Family Search Wiki page is a great resource with a lot of information.



          We hope this information was helpful.  Best of luck on your research!

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            Alice Lane Navigator

            Hi Natalie,

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            Finding out about your ancestors can be very frustrating at times, but you will be very pleased when you finally get your answers.


            The following is from Myheritage.com. If you are not a member (I am not) you will only get a tidbit of information. I translated Fras and it showed that it means Milling.  The name Getin translated to Wasteland, Hedin did not translate. Milling could be an occupation, Wasteland is ??? a mystery to me.

            I think myheritage.com gives a free trial.


            Karin Larsson Fräs - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage


            Alice Lane

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