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    Seeking records of George W. Macrae, Esq

    Kenneth Cutler Newbie

      I’m researching George W. Macrae, Esq who was, on August 24, 1842, appointed United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida by President John Tyler. Two years later, he was elected to the Territorial Senate, representing South Florida. He was chosen as Senate President as he had no strong party affiliations and was thought to be able to act fairly. My research indicates that he was appointed also as a District Judge and practiced as an attorney in the Southern District of Florida and had direct ties to Key West. Does your collection contain any material on him? The Florida Supreme Court Webpage says about him:


      Former Justice George Macrae is the fourth Supreme Court Justice and is one of the mysteries of the Court. Little information has been uncovered about him. He served for one year, 1847.

      This painting [left] of the justice is entirely imaginary. No actual photograph or portrait of him has ever been identified. There is no evidence of the date and place of his birth or of his family history.

      Macrae first came into prominence in Florida in 1842, when President John Tyler appointed him United States Attorney for the Southern District.

      Two years later, Macrae won election to the territorial senate from South Florida.  When another candidate declined appointment in 1847 as circuit judge for the southern circuit, Governor William Moseley turned to Macrae, whom the legislature had also previously considered for the position.

      After serving only a single year as circuit judge/Supreme Court justice, Macrae was replaced by Florida House of Representatives Speaker Joseph Lancaster.  Macrae’s activities after leaving the court are as uncertain as his origins.


      Based on references I’ve found thus far, he seems to have been an extremely influential person and I find it hard to believe that there are no images or more information about him! Accordingly, I’m reaching out to you to see if you are aware of any other information on him or where I might find it. I know he was active in the Masonic Lodge in Dade and he must have known the fathers of Key West, Pardon C. Greene, John Whitehead, John Fleeming, and John Simonton who were his contemporaries.


      Any help would be much appreciated. I really want to find his bio and image.