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    Seeking records about Rex Smith

    Xavier Pla Newbie

      I am looking for background information regarding an individual named Rex Smith, American journalist living in Spain in the 1930s. He was born in Virginia in 1900, died in Washington in 1959. I have only some journalistic assignments:


      •1929-31: correspondent for Paris edition New-York Herald Tribune and foreign news editor for Associated Press

      •1931-35: chief of Spanish bureau Associated Press in Madrid

      •1936: foreign editor Newsweek in Europe and then assistant to president and worked out editorial formula, editor to 1941

      •1941-42: editor The Chicago Sun Cicerone and introducer of Ernest Hemingway in Spain and bullfighting culture.

      •1942-44- Lt. Colonel to Commanding General,  promoted to Colonel, named Chief Office of Information of Headquarters, Army Air Forces, in Washington D.C.

      •1945: Joined American Airlines, Vice-President in charge of Public Relations


      I am writing this message to know if you could be so kind to give me a hand guessing that maybe the records of Rex Smith that are stored in any American institution