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    Was Luponia another name for present day Jakubany?

    Robert Machuga Adventurer

      Was Luponia another name for present day Jakubany, Slovakia or the surrounding region? My grandfather's baptism and birth certificates state that he was born in Jakubjany.  At the time of my grandfather's immigration to America, Jakubjany was part of Upper Hungary in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  My grandfather's marriage certificate in the U.S. refers to his birth at Szepesjakubfalva.  Szepes refers to the name of the county in Hungarian.  However, my grandfather listed his place of birth as Luponia, Czechoslovakia on his World War II Draft Registration Card.  The various spellings of the village might arise from the language used by the people, e.g. Slovak, Hungarian, Latin or Cyrillic, or from the ruling government at the time, but I have been unable to locate any reference to Luponia.  Present day Jakubany, Slovakia (officially the Slovak Republic) is in the Stara Lubovna District, Spis County, and Presov Region of northern Slovakia.  Is Luponia a variant of Lubovna?  Does anyone have information about Luponia?