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    World War II Army Abbreviations

    Lynn Ink Wayfarer

      I'm looking for an official listing of army unit abbreviations used during World War II, for purposes of army history writing.   


      There is some dispute as to whether the Army used "2nd" or "2d" for "second" and "3rd" or "3d" for Third, for example, as well as other shortened terms during World War II ("Bn" for "battalion").  I did find an Army Dictionary from World War II (TM 20-205) on archive.org.  It notes that it includes abbreviations from Army Regulations 850-150; however, it also states that it's not for Army historians, but is a "working" dictionary.  Would this still be a definitive source for purposes of identifying/listing Army units if I am required to list units as they were during the time?  Thank you.