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    Latest Activity Emails

    Gail Andrews Wayfarer

      Regarding the emails we receive with a list of requests for help:

      Seeking documents...

      Need copy...

      Looking for photos...


      Can you please advise what we should do with those and how can we help?

      The blue lettering isn't linking anywhere.

      I think it would be great for all new Citizen Archivists to know.

      Thank you!

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          History Hub Administrator Scout

          Hello and thanks for your question,


          These emails are just summaries of the latest activity on History Hub. You can adjust which notifications you receive, and how often, in your user preferences settings.


          You can also receive notifications about activity in specific communities on History Hub by "Following" them.  See How do I "Follow" something on History Hub?


          However, the various topics (the "blue lettering") should be linked back to the individual conversations on History Hub.  If these links are not working, it could be an issue with your email service.  For example, some email services automatically filter or disable links in emails.


          Nonetheless, you can always find new questions and topics to assist with on History Hub, either in the Citizen Archivists community, or any of our other communities.   For more information on how to reply and help answer another user's question, see How to: Help Answer a Question.


          We hope this is helpful - thank you for your interest in History Hub!

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