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    Do you hold records of Staten Island Marine Hospital?

    Sandra Willendorf Newbie

      Do you hold records of Staten Island Marine Hospital "The Quarantine" of August / September 1802? Some colored French soldiers coming from Guadeloupe on La Romaine, La Consolante, La Volontaire, La Salamandre, Le Cerf , La Cocarde, have been ill and sent to hospital on Staten Island. (upwards to 60 from the 20th of August onwards. The ships left the port of New York to Brest , one ship went to Guadeloupe, at the end of September / beginning of October 1802. The ships entered NY harbor Fort Jay in August 1802. Do you hold their lists of the Marine hospital or ... even better passenger lists of the port of New York? The mayor of NY City was involved, the French Consul of NY, Arcambal, and the Vize President Aaron Burr, the Minister of Marine and Colonies in France and the Marine Prefet in Brest (and Napoleon).


      Kind regards and thank you in advance for your reply