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    Leroy Clark Johnson (1766-1843)

    Sarah Glass Newbie

      I am researching Lexington, KY family member Dr. Leroy Clarke Johnson (circa 1766-1843)  related to trying to determine if he or his ancestors are related to several Black cousins descended from enslavers in my family.  It has been challenging to rule in or rule out these DNA matches  due to not having documentation of Johnson prior to his arrival in Kentucky - no records of Leroy Johnson appear in KY archives, intensive use of on line genealogy resources or other on line documents.  The Kentucky Filson society suggested seeing if there were any records in the National archives that might shed light on his origins prior to moving to Franklin (?county?) TN and then to Lexington KY.


      Is it possible that Leroy Johnson has connection with  Virginia statesman Zachariah Johnston and wife Ann Robertson. (we have suspicions Leroy might not have been birth name, or perhaps it may have been middle name, or from an honorific non-family source).


      Married:  Elizabeth "Betsy" Grubbs (1781-1869), parents:  William Grubbs/Mary Elizabeth Gardiner. First born son Nelson Cole Johnson - perhaps giving a hint to Leroy's parentage?



      I am Leroy's gggg granddaughter (descended from Leroy’s grandson, the Kentucky abolitionist painter Thomas Satterwhite Noble).  Any information would be greatly appreciated by myself and the descendants of my enslaver ancestors.