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    Seeking 1914 American birth record for Joseph Wolf

    Matthew Stanonis Newbie

      Hello! My name is Matthew. I am searching for information about my great grandfather, so that I can make some progress in researching that branch of my lineage. I know that he was born in 1914 in Ohio from census records (confirmed by family), but cannot find a birth certificate for him or any information about his parents. His name was Joseph Albert Wolf, and he was born in 1914 (probably in Cleveland, Ohio) of Bohemian extraction. He was married to Julia Wolf (nee Brezina), and they had three children: George, Warren, and Susan. He died in 1997. I can find all kinds of solid information on my great grandmother, Julia, but absolutely nothing on him. Any recommendations for next steps? I've exhausted all of my online resources, and don't have enough faith/income to buy an Ancestry subscription.