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    Searching for siblings and parents of James Harris

    N Toler Newbie

      Searching for siblings and parents of James Harris born in Virginia about 1830. James death certificate show Hallie Toler as mother only. James Harris allegedly married Susan Jeffries/Chambers and is shown in 1850 census as James' wife.  No information on who her parents and siblings are; no information on their marriage, etc.  This is really my brick wall.  Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

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          Tracy Skrabut Adventurer

          Dear N,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          The first point of contact for your research would be the Virginia State Archives, to search their collection of vital records, ie, birth, death, marriage records.  This is a very early date, and so not all of these records may not yet exist. Birth certificates, for example, are a very late addition to the vital records canon.


          If there are no official/government records, it might be possible to research these facts by looking at records such as church records from the area. Marriages, births, and christenings were often recorded in the local parish to which a person belonged. If you can locate the area in which they lived, it might be possible to determine which religious archive might hold those records.


          For death records of other subjects (I see you reference having James' record), I might suggest, after ascertaining where he might have lied, conducting a search of cemetery records. These are sometimes turned over to the town or city in which the cemetery resides, and become municipal records, but, if the cemetery is still in service, they often will have retained their own records, or could pass on to you where these historical records are kept.


          I hope this is helpful in your research!