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    Navy ship "Plaques" picture included.

    Nicole McDaniel Wayfarer

      My grandfather was a lieutenant commander in the navy. He very recently passed. As a kid on the living room wall of my grannie and papa's house there were " plaques" from his time in the Navy. All different sizes, shapes and colors. I have them saved for me. However I don't really know anything about them.  I know it will be much easier to find information when I have them in my hand and I can type in the wording on each one.  Right now though, I'm just looking for basic information...like what are they called? "Navy plaques " and versions of that aren't helping. Here's the picture my father sent when he found them, and I'll try to post one from " real" pictures I have. Thank y'all for ANY help or suggestions.  This is my first post so hopefully I did this correctly!

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          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          The Naval History and Heritage Command is a great resource for general information relating to the US Navy. After a review of their website we found a section that discusses Naval Plaques and Trophies. This may be a place to start your research: https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/artifacts/ship-and-shore/plaques.html


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

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            Hi Nicole,

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            Would you like to share your grandfather's name?

            Found this photo on the following page. The page has a lot more information about Patrol Squadron 2

            and more photos.

            Alice Lane

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            2nd from the left looks like the photo that you posted.

            VPNAVY - VP-2 History Summary Page - VP Patrol Squadron


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              Alex Daverede Adventurer



              You have a Navy veteran’s treasure trove in those boxes.  Starting in the 1960’s and extending to the turn of the century, Navy units maintained stocks of these unit plaques.  In each Navy command officers formed what is known as the wardroom, to which members paid a fee, usually monthly.  Out of these proceeds, the president of the wardroom and the wardroom treasurer would buy stocks of these unit plaques.  Just about every Navy unit had an organizational emblem, and this would be engraved in the wood of the plaque and sometimes painted, although some of these emblems would be cast in brass, making for a very heavy plaque.  They would be given to guests of the wardroom and visiting VIPs with a engraved brass tag commemorating the event, but most often the plaques would be given to wardroom members upon their transfer to another unit or retirement.  The brass tag would be engraved with the member’s name, rank, and dates of their tour of duty, although their position in the unit, such as maintenance officer or safety officer could be engraved on the tag as well.


              After a career in the Navy, an officer could have quite a collection of these plaques, which really became a burden to move.  Ultimately, when the officer had finally settled into retirement, their home would have a wall of plaques which was lovingly dubbed the “I Love Me” wall; normally one didn’t set up the wall until they were assured of not making another house move.  Sadly, the day of the plaques has passed.  Nowadays Navy units have gone the way of the other military services and have turned to what is known as challenge coins that serve the same purpose as the old plaques, but are much cheaper and smaller.  You just can’t have an I Love Me wall with coins!


              I hope you find this information useful.


              A. J.

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