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    I want to find information about my grandmother Alice Vasquez  and where she is buried

    Janel Zerr Newbie

      Alice Vasquez lived in Knightsen, California and had my mother when she was 17 years of age in Placentia, California I assume she was there as a farm worker in 1931 My Mothers birth certificate has her name as Maria Ramirez Fathers name Michael Ramirez. They were not married. He was 44 years of age. I don't know if my mothers name was legally changed, I never asked her and she is now deceased. But her maiden name she went by (until she married of course) was Ramona Ornelas my mom was raised by her step father and she did not know he wasn't her bio logical father until much later and quite by accident. Later when my mom was finishing grammar school her mother left her father and her four brothers and one sister and since then no one has known her wherabouts  and for a long time my Aunt and Uncles had searched for her. I believe my Grandmothers siblings or cousins perhaps knew but kept this secret. All I know is that Alice was an American citizen from California, born around 1914. I would like some help on how to get any records and where I should seek more information.