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    1943-1944 B-24J #42-50559  &10 crewmen


      1943-1944 pictures of 423rd training bombers B-24J #42-50559 Crashed 10-17-1944 near Ukiah Oregon, Based out of Walla Walla WA.


      Crew:  2nd Lt Walker, Gerald A, PFC Michael J Szucs, FLOF Otis R Smith, CPL Robert B Baker, PFC Robert D Balter, CPL Edwin D Feese, Cpl Maurice J Huset, Sgt Roy H Johnson, FLOF Herbert R Keene, FLOF Sheldon A Silver.


      FROM USAFDATA files -

      ASNFirst NameLast NameRankStateDayMthYearDetails
      unknownRobert BBakerCplUN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      31428427Robert DBalterPFCMA17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      17132173Edwin DFeeseCplNE17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      17143700Maurice JHusetCplMN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      unknownRoy HJohnsonSgtUN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-133832Herbert RKeeneFLOFAR17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-007268Sheldon ASilverFLOFNY17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-063711Otis RSmith, JrFLOFMS17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      35587988Michael JSzucsPFCOH17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      O-709199Gerald AWalker2LOK17101944B-24J # 42-50559


      I have most ASN #'s, DOB's & headstone marker and related family in 1944 info for confirmations.

      Where can I locate Johnsons & Baker's ASN #'s.

      Note --  I do have a old close hit on Johnson w/ASN 6021413 from AF orders deployment while in VA & looks like promotion

      Master Sgt > 1st Sgt however no mention of Walla Walla WA Training Field for B-24J which is where above Bomber & Crew

      were stationed at time of fatal accident where they all perished.)  No way to confirm ASN is correct at this time.


      Walla Walla CMDR 8th AF Col Dave Ward & Walla Walla transition/planning  B24 to B17 also at time, 1944 was Training

      Camp/Base only B-24 Bomber or Heavy's.   (Coordination Ops with Pendleton as main AF Base.)

      Sqdn info is limited markers specified Sgt Johnson sqdn 423rd, Szucs sqdn T3 AF.

      Col D Ward conducted recovery ops as well.



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