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    1943-1944 B-24J #42-50559  &10 crewmen


      1943-1944 pictures of 423rd training bombers B-24J #42-50559 Crashed 10-17-1944 near Ukiah Oregon, Based out of Walla Walla WA.


      Crew:  2nd Lt Walker, Gerald A, PFC Michael J Szucs, FLOF Otis R Smith, CPL Robert B Baker, PFC Robert D Balter, CPL Edwin D Feese, Cpl Maurice J Huset, Sgt Roy H Johnson, FLOF Herbert R Keene, FLOF Sheldon A Silver.


      FROM USAFDATA files -

      ASNFirst NameLast NameRankStateDayMthYearDetails
      unknownRobert BBakerCplUN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      31428427Robert DBalterPFCMA17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      17132173Edwin DFeeseCplNE17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      17143700Maurice JHusetCplMN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      unknownRoy HJohnsonSgtUN17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-133832Herbert RKeeneFLOFAR17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-007268Sheldon ASilverFLOFNY17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      T-063711Otis RSmith, JrFLOFMS17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      35587988Michael JSzucsPFCOH17101944B-24J # 42-50559
      O-709199Gerald AWalker2LOK17101944B-24J # 42-50559


      I have most ASN #'s, DOB's & headstone marker and related family in 1944 info for confirmations.

      Where can I locate Johnsons & Baker's ASN #'s.

      Note --  I do have a old close hit on Johnson w/ASN 6021413 from AF orders deployment while in VA & looks like promotion

      Master Sgt > 1st Sgt however no mention of Walla Walla WA Training Field for B-24J which is where above Bomber & Crew

      were stationed at time of fatal accident where they all perished.)  No way to confirm ASN is correct at this time.


      Walla Walla CMDR 8th AF Col Dave Ward & Walla Walla transition/planning  B24 to B17 also at time, 1944 was Training

      Camp/Base only B-24 Bomber or Heavy's.   (Coordination Ops with Pendleton as main AF Base.)

      Sqdn info is limited markers specified Sgt Johnson sqdn 423rd, Szucs sqdn T3 AF.

      Col D Ward conducted recovery ops as well.



      Terri walther2312@hotmail.com

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          Rebecca Collier Scout

          If you haven't already, we suggest that you request an accident report from the Air Force. World War II Army Air Force and Air Force accident reports up to 1955 are in the custody of the Air Force Historical Research Agency, 600 Chennault Circle, Building 1405, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL  36112-6424.  The web site is http://www.afhra.af.mil/. The report may contain the Service Numbers you are seeking.

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                Ok have received incident/accd report and received the missing ASN's -- thanks for assistance.  How do I remove my initial text and delete profile to close this out.  Thanks Terri

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                  Kelly Osborn Tracker

                  Hi Terri,


                  You don't need to delete your question. We hope that History Hub will be a resource for people looking for similar information, and it's possible that someone at a future date will have additional information.


                  But to delete questions, just click the "Delete" button under "Actions."

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                      As soon as final updates are added (if AAIR confirms accurate) then researchers can get direct simply by entering the name, AAIR has done a nice cross referencing connecting the limited information.  There are 3 other sites available that mention the crash, will exchange info and they can choose to update.   Even located squadron patch/logo, info is out there just have to take the time and research it.  There is about 5 other crash sites local will see about putting together for historical researching.   Terri

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