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    Seeking records of US troops in Orleans (France) between 1950 & 1967

    gilles heccan Newbie

      I'm living in Orleans city (France) where thousands of US personnel also lived during the 1950-1967 era. To date, very few studies have been made about that time and the American presence for Com Z. So, I recently start to search archives in the area trying to find documents, pictures and witnesses (maybe for a book in the future). I am focusing my studies on the following sites in Orleans area:


      - Coligny Barracks COM.Z HQ

      - Saran airfield and Signal Corps Site

      - “La Foret” Depot and Hospital (used as American school and OAC HQ)

      - La Chapelle Saint Mesmin hospital

      - Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin Quatermaster Depot (also called former SAMEC plant)

      - Maison-Fort and Harbord barracks

      - Saint-Ay maps depot

      - Saint-Lyé-La-Forêt Transmission Site

      - Olivet (chateau  La Mothe) and Donnery (chateau La Touche) officers' clubs

      - Chevilly and Orleans PX


      So, I would like to know if some of you have available information (photos, documents in high definition) of US troops in Orleans. Thanks again for your answer and I apologize for poor English writing.


      Sincerely yours

      Gilles HECCAN