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    Land Records 1850's in Rockland County NY photos too!

    Noemi Morales Newbie

      ?I am looking for historical information and photos of a house in Rockland County NY built in 1850's , address 34 Old Mountain Road Upper Grandview NY 10960. Current owner Janice Perlman, Former Owner last name Jane McDill Anderson AKA Jane M Anderson. Thank you! Any tips on obtaining this information greatly appreciated?

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          Joshua Mason Adventurer

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          In regards to researching the land records of the property listed, you will need to research the land records of Rockland County, New York, as such records are made and kept by the local government (County/Township/Municipality) rather than the National Archives and Records Administration.  Considering the age of the land records that you are trying to find, they could more than likely be in possession by the New York State Archives.  We would suggest that you first contact the county land office that this property is located in to determine how far their land records go back.  If they have passed those records on to their State Archives, please visit them to inquire what they could have in their possession regarding land records, as well as historical information on the property and possible photos. 


          Another avenue of approach regarding historical information and photos of the property would be to trace the ownership of the property using the land records.  You would then be able to generate a list of owners of this property going back to the 1850’s, or even later, that would give you a means of searching the records of the owners themselves in the hopes that something would tune up like a photo, or more historical information on the property.  


          You may wish to also use Ancestry and/or FamilySearch as they are very popular platforms for searching land records and individual records.  Please keep in mind that Ancestry is a subscription-based database, but it is available for free public use at all National Archives facilities and many public libraries.  FamilySearch is free but you have to create an account with them.  Similar to Ancestry, many libraries across the country offer free usage. 


          We hope this information is helpful and best of luck with your research!