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    NC Land Grants

    Debbie Crawford Wayfarer

      Do NC land grants applications have information regarding the applicant and where he lived?

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          Joshua Mason Adventurer

          Good afternoon,


          Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!


          Unfortunately We cannot give a definite answer on that as it mostly depends on the time period of the land grant application and how thorough the application was filled out.  Normally yes, they contain some information on the applicant, and sometimes they can reveal where the applicant lived.  We would suggest you research this and see what turns up as there is not much information for us to go on here (such as the name of the applicant, dates, etc.). 


          For researching land grant applications, you can search the website of the General Land Office, Bureau of Land Management.  It’s user friendly, easy to navigate, and a great place to start. 


          We also suggest that you review the NARA Land Records website and the finding aid titled Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office (Record Group 49) for more information.


          We hope this information is helpful and best of luck with your research!

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            Susannah Brooks Pioneer

            You did not give any indication of the time period you were interested in for NC land grants.  This website give a lot of information about NC land patents and grants (especially colonial ones) North Carolina Land and Property • FamilySearch

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              Grace Yuhasz Adventurer

              You could try looking on the free website NORTH CAROLINA LAND GRANT IMAGES AND DATA



              You may need to register to use.  The site is a work in progress.

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                David McCorkle Newbie



                The short answer is no, and there is a fundamental issue missing from the prior answers.  North Carolina is a "state land" state meaning grants came from the state itself, and you will find zero information about NC on the BLM website where people applied for a pre-surveyed tract of land.  There were no "applications forms" in NC, and the documents involved were more focused on the land itself than the person wanting it since the land had to be first defined.


                The initial process which you could call an application was called "land entry" where you simply registered your name, how many acres, and a brief description of the area where you wanted land.  That was followed by a warrant which was an order to survey the land, followed by the survey itself, and finally the patent which granted ownership.   As long as the grantee paid their money, it was not important where they came from or what they did or who they were married to.


                Back to your initial question, if you do a search on Hugh Crawford using the Query function on http://nclandgrants.com , you will see there are two grants for Orange County: Hugh Crawford issued 02-May-1802 for 200 acres on Back Creek, and one for Hugh Craford issued 03-Sept-1779 also for 200 acres.  All the images of the original documents for these grants are on this website, so it is important that you look at them to understand what is going on.    It is almost certainly the same person because the 1802 grant refers to "the boundaries of his own lines", i.e. he already had property there.  Looking at the warrant issued 09-July-1778 it refers to "the improvement where he now lives".  In other words, in July 1778 he was already living on that land even though he did not own it. (Note: the actual patent says Craford, the warrant says Crawford.).  Now it gets complicated because in the area where he lived (known as the Lord Granville District) you couldn't get land grants from 1763 to 1777 so people just "squatted" on vacant land, so he could have been living there for many years without any documentation before he was able to officially purchase it.  I suggest you look at other records such as court records or deeds to see if you can find more information.  Also note that Orange Count was much bigger then.  You can also look at the Durham-Orange Genealogical Society website which keeps a surname list that people are researching http://dogsnc.org .


                The NC Land Grants website has contact information for asking questions, so feel free to do so.

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                    Debbie Crawford Wayfarer

                    Thank you so much for your answer. I have those records in my files, however I never noticed the phrase “improvements where he lived”! Also the information regarding Granville proved helpful as I have found another Crawford who was granted land by that district.