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    Seeking ww11 marine records my grandfather Captain Edward Fiester 1943-1946

    Tanya Smith Newbie

      I am going nuts trying to find any history of his time in ww11. He has passed and all i have is his certification of service. I remember so many amazing stories but i cannot find him. His name Captain Edward F. Fiester USMCR.  Enlisted 4-20-1943 to 7-3-1946. My grandmother was also in the Marines her name Eleanore K. Fiester . Please help me. I have also requested help with replacing his medals. That was over a year ago. I was not informed of his passing cause i lived in another state at the time. He did not have the proper burial, all his medals were stolen, personal military property and any memorabilia. I have now moved to Louisiana and have an attorney but this trial has been so difficult.