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    NPRC Processing Time for Death Benefits

    Casey McKinney Newbie



      My dad passed away September 5, 2020 and his death was reported within 2 weeks to OPM. Nothing can be processed by OPM until his file is released/reviewed from the National Personnel Records Center (no spousal support, life insurance, or access to his TSP).


      We call OPM regularly for updates, but nothing can be done until the information is received from NPRC.

      Does anyone know how long this should take? Any ideas on when the NPRC Civilian Center is reopening?


      Thank you.

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          Carey Stumm Adventurer

          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub.


          We apologize for the delay you’re experiencing. It sounds like you’ve already requested his file from NPRC and have a request number. The NPRC staff are processing a large backlog of requests. As of March 29, 2021, the NPRC increased its on-site staffing to 25 percent of the workforce. They are continuing to increase their on-site staffing and are servicing requests associated with medical treatments, burials, and homeless veterans seeking admittance to a homeless shelter.


          Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to expedite your request, but I would suggest continuing to check the status of your request here.


          Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.