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    Seeking photos of Boston Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, MA

    Jeffery Stanton Newbie

      Hello, I'm trying to obtain any photos if available, of the interior of the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, plant #2, located in Malden, MA 02148. My grandfather  started work there when it was a shoe manufacturing plant. He later became the head of maintenance and supervised the operation of he steam boiler room that provided power (not electric) to the the new tenants that occupied the space vacated by the original owner of the complex.


      His name was Herbert Rockhill and most  of the subsequent tenants new him as "Rocky". He remained there for some 55 years acting as a property manager for a new property owner "Industrial Management corp." I believe the name is correct but it has been many a year since I myself worked at the complex in several positions.


      Anyone have information regarding the property or photos of the various tenants that later occupied the property through the early seventies when it was demolished? I would greatly appreciate copies or a location where I might find documents and or photos of the working companies.


      Thanks to anyone who may respond and if you require any further information I will be happy to provide same if possible.