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    Seeking records of Shootdown & 155th Assault Helicopter Company

    John Banks Newbie

      I am a longtime journalist ( Dallas Morning News, ESPN). I am working on a story on SP4 John Willie Woods Jr., who was killed when helicopter he was aboard was shot down in Vietnam on Oct. 30, 1966. Also killed were commander Michael Coryell, pilot Wilmer Willingham and Private James Walker -- all of 155th Assault Helicopter Company. On a recent cemetery walk with a friend in Franklin, Tenn., I came across the grave of 19-year-old Woods Jr. in Toussaint L'Ouverture Cemetery (attached) -- a historic Black cemetery. Large U.S. flag on his grave stood out -- he is remembered.


      I am eager to learn more about the flight and those aboard the Huey. Could you point me to someone who could help? Or could you answer a few general questions about the camp for me?


      With respect,

      John Banks/Nashville