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    Seeking access to records of 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment

    Thierry Minsart Newbie

      Hello to the History Hub community. As I explained on my last message, I am preparing a book on the 17 Airborne and more specifically on a battle (Dead Man's Ridge January 1945) that happened in my village Flamierge (Belgium). I thank you for the documents on the 17 Airborne that I received following my first question. My problem, I have all the codes to find archives (Rolls) on the units of the 17 Airborne in the Nara Gov archives but I can not open the rolls! Could you explain me how I can do to open as I should! I enclose an example so that you can help me, thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience. These documents are very important for me, they will help me to better understand the diary and testimonies that I received from veterans and families of veterans of the 17 Airborne.


      317-inf(193)- 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment 17 Airborne Division

      317-Inf(193)-03 Historical Records of Évent 19 Dec 44-3 Feb 45.


      Here I am waiting to hear from you.

      Sincerely Thierry.