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    Can You Read This Hungarian Entry in Birth/Baptism Record?

    Mindy Fink Wayfarer

      I would like a little help translating this entry in a Birth/Baptism record from 1870's Hungary.

      The abbreviations are foreign to me as the language. But, I'm trying to learn it.


      I know it's for János Varga.

      helvét  =  Reformed, Calvinist Protestant?


      Is that "Czéh"  at the end of the first line, and does that mean he's from Czechoslovakia or whatever it was called back then?


      I think I see "bebi" for baby?

      What follows that?


      és neje = and his wife who was Juliánna Krissóf?

      And, what follows her name?

      I can't even read that first letter. What is it? (it looks like "some")


      Thank you all!