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    Naturalization certification for Italy dual citizenship- Pennsylvania

    elaine loring Newbie

      Hello helpful history hub folks-

      For Italian dual citizenship we need Certified copy of Declaration of Intention/Petition for Naturalization AND [if exists] Naturalization Certificate for my husband's grandfather.  We need to prove that he was not naturalized before my husband's father was born in 1914. Grandfather came to the US in the early 1900s and died in 1964. He lived in NY for a few years, then was in Berks County, PA for most of the rest of his life.


      We are sure he was naturalized because the non-existence USCIS folks said so - but they provided no info on where/when.  Prior to contacting the non-existance office of USCIS we were told by the archives in NY and PA that they have no record of him/his naturalization.  Berks County,PA also shows no record.  BTW, in the 1940 census his status is 'first papers'.

      Other than going back to PA archives and Berks County and trying to get a person to dig deeper, do you have a suggestion of what to do?

      Thank you very much,elaine

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          Tracy Skrabut Adventurer

          Dear Elaine,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub.


          In regards to your request for a naturalization certificate, NARA does not hold copies of these certificates. USCIS is the only agency which holds copies of these documents. If you have already requested an index search of the record at USCIS, I might recommend requesting a copy of the complete file for your grandfather, as copies of the court generated documents as well as the Certificate of Naturalization should be included in his file.




          In regards to conducting a search for court records, have you conducted a search for both federal records as well as state-level records? Historical records are often retained at federal and state archives, rather than at the court houses of the counties in which the persons being researched resided.


          For federal record searched, I would advise reaching out to both our NY unit




          as well as out Philadelphia unit




          For State-level records, I would suggest reaching out to the NY State Archives




          And also the Pennsylvania State Archives




          I hope this is helpful in assisting your with your research.

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            M Salopek Newbie

            what is the name? Date of birth? city of birth? year of immigration?


            Give as much actual detail as you can so people can help and look.


            You'll need to contact USCIS for a certified copy of first papers or second papers.


            Depending on what the embassy will accept, him having only finished first papers in 1940 is pretty strong evidence that he was not yet a citizen.


            You said you contacted USCIS-did you get a copy of his first papers or his A-File? the Alien Registration stuff in 1940 should've applied to him and would also be great proof.


            Informal name changes or simplifications of either the first AND last name were common and often not recorded on paper, it is possible that there was a name change between his first papers and his second papers.


            The World War 1 Draft card should say that he is an alien he likely registered for. (I think there was an alien registration push in 1917 for foreign males).


            (also technically the census isn't a legal document and the person responding may not have given an accurate answer or may have been a neighbor, I wouldn't count on the embassy "trusting it" even if it is a really good source. Granted you can at least get an official copy from NARA-I would try at least asking the embassy via email if that would suffice to show he hadn't naturalized by that date).


            If you had the date of his first papers and they might be here: https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/558485?availability=Family%20History%20Library


            It is too much to search through unless you know the day/month/year though.


            Have you paid for an index search if you don't know the C-File number of this person? Presuming there is a first papers that exists and is confirmed by USCIS, you should do an index search to get a copy of it as well as possibly the naturalization to show he hadn't naturalized before the birth of his son. So you need to go back to USCIS.