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    Finding German immigrant Peter Rost

    Natalie Glines Wayfarer

      I'm at a loss as to what to do:   Peter Rost, butcher born around 1834-1838 (more likely 1835) Bavaria, immigrated to the U.S. in 1858. Could not read nor write. I have no idea who his parents are, though that's what I want to find out. I'm waiting on his naturalization records and will be for a while, probably.


      I thought maybe I could find where he came from, from his other family in NY:

      • There were several butchers with the name Rost living close to each other in Brooklyn: Maurice/Morris, Frederick, and Joseph. I know at least Joseph was from Bavaria. I suspect they might be related, or even brothers. Several of Peter's children worked as butchers at one point or another.
      • There were two girls living with Peter Rost's family in the 1892 Census, named Adlieane [?] Rost age 15 and Ida Rost age 10. Likely nieces?


      I cannot find girls with the name Adlieane or Ida elsewhere. Peter's death certificate does not list his parents. I know he's not the Peter Rust born 23 July 1835 to Nicolas Rust and Maria Elisabetha Lehr because he went on to marry someone in Bavaria.  I don't know how to find more records, and I know there were Census records but I don't think they covered Bavaria at the time before he immigrated in 1858? Is there any way to see if he's with siblings named Maurice, Frederick, or Joseph in Germany? I checked Ancestry and FamilySearch, but maybe didn't look well enough.


      Any advice would be welcome!!