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    Looking for Italian great grandfather

    Debora Bruno Newbie

      Hi, I'm looking for my great grand father. He was born in Maddaloni (Caserta, Italy) on 13/07/1882 and emigrated in the US in 1932. He was married at the time with 2 children but he never came back to them. I believe he was naturalized, or had legal documents as he travelled twice to Italy. On Ellis Island I found records of his last travel from Italy, he arrived in New York the 22nd April 1937 and he was going to live 95 Baxter street, NY. However he doesn't appear in the 1940 NY census. He was illiterate therefore maybe there was a misspelling in his name or surname. My family and I would like to know where he is buried and when he died. And also, if it can be disclosed, we would like to know if he got another family. I tried to look for him in  Family Search, Ancestor, Find my past, and other Italian Genealogy group but couldn't find anything. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you very much.