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    Seeking address in 1920 census records

    julie goodwine Wayfarer

      Searched all the census 1920 records by ED (it was 5 for LA!)  for an address I found in a 1921 city directory of my ancestor. The problem is, I could find most of the street he lived on, except the the block or so of the house. It was 1553 E 43rd street (per the directory)  and there were higher and lower house numbers. Please suggest? thank you,

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          Lauren Theodore Adventurer

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          Thank you for posting your question on History Hub.


          We suggest contacting the National Archives at DC for more information on Census records. That facility is the custodian of the Census records and may be able to shed more light on the contents of the records and better able to answer specific questions.




          The National Archives and Records Administration

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            Grace Yuhasz Adventurer

            It is possible the city directory had a typo.  The 1500 block of 43rd St E doesn’t seem to have existed in 1921 (nor at least through the early 1940s, according to the 1940 city directory).


            The 1921 Los Angeles city directory has a Street and Avenue Guide.  It lists streets, with cross streets, and corresponding block numbers. I accessed it on Ancestry.com.  Page 36 (image 19 of 1526) shows:

            --43rd St E crosses Ascot Ave (block 1400), Compton Ave (1500 block), "Not open to Long Beach Ave", and starts back up at Long Beach Ave (block 1700).

            --42nd St E has the same blocks -- Ascot Ave (1400), Compton Ave (1500), Lima (1550), Morgan Ave (1620), Honduras (1650), until Long Beach Ave (1670).


            The 1920 Sanborn maps (for Fire Insurance purposes) on the Library of Congress website also do not show 43rd St E existing in this block.  The Sanborn map does show 1553 42nd St E.


            (I couldn’t look at the actual 1921 city directory entry without knowing your relative’s name.  Unfortunately, when I searched by just using the house number 1553, I was unable to locate any entry on 43rd.  It did bring up 1553 23rd St E, however.)


            Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.

            1920 Volume 15

            The map key (below) is on image 1.   The area in question is on map 1524 (image26) and on that image you can see 1553 42nd St E, as well as that 43rd St E is not through this area (between Lima and Morgan).  






            Not sure if this is what you used to help you find ED numbers but thought I would mention it:

            The Unified Census ED Finder (Obtaining the Census Enumeration District for an 1880 to 1950 Location in One Step) on SteveMorse.org is a great tool to use for find census enumeration districts.




            Select the census year at the very top of the page.

            Select the state

            Select the county

            Select the city


            Put in a house number and street name.

            Add cross streets if known. 


            The ED numbers will appear in blue.


            Happy Hunting!




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