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    Seeking families from Wittenberg, Bessarabia

    Loni Struck Newbie

      I would like to know all the information I can about Wittenberg Bessarabia. How can I retrieve the most information regarding my 4 family trees without paying Ancestry or other genealogy groups? I'm currently using Familysearch. I'm finding a lot of errors with Ancestry and Germans from Russia genealogy groups thus I'm not willing to pay membership fees at this time. I'm using census, death, marriage, and immigration records as much as I possibly can. If I could read German, Ukrainian and Russian I'd be able to use/read more church records. I'm specifically looking for information regarding Weidmer or Widmer, Hehr, and Stumm.


      Thank you for any assistance you may give me regarding this matter.

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          Stephanie Aude Newbie

          Have you looked at Jewish Gen?  Even if your family is not Jewish, there is a lot of research about Bessarabia on that platform.  Mostly free.

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            Joshua Mason Adventurer

            Good afternoon,


            Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!


            The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the depository of the permanently valuable, non-current records of the Federal Government.  Our mission is to preserve the records and make them available to the public.  As part of our reference service, we provide information about the records, make copies of the records for a fee, and make records available for use in our research rooms.


            In regards to researching family records in Wittenberg, Bessarabia, other than using Ancestry, FamilySearch, or perhaps Fold3, the only organization I could find is the Germans from Russia Heritage Society, which from your description it sounds like you have reached out to this organization already.  If not please find their website link below:




            We hope this information is helpful and best of luck with your research!