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    Seeking "maternity homes" for unwed women in St. Louis/Alton, IL

    Bridget French Newbie

      Where can I find a list of all "maternity homes" for unwed women in the St. Louis/Alton, IL area in the 1930's? Through DNA, just found out my mother was adopted in either 1931-32. There may or may not have been a formal adoption. Her mother was 13 years old at the time and father was 15 years old. We are unable to track her mother for the year of being pregnant and just after giving birth. No official birth or adoption records can be found. We are wondering if it was common practice for young girls in the Alton, IL/STL area to be sent away to maternity homes while pregnant. The primary home we found was the Good Shepherd home in St. Louis and St. Ann's - neither of which have info available online. Were there other homes in the north St. Louis area so we can compile a list?