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    Seeking information about the Kinder/Gertner gang

    Anna Bernstein Newbie

      I believe my great grandfather and his brother in law were in a gang that operated out of New York and possibly New Jersey during Prohibition. Their names were Morris Bernstein and Harry Gertner. I found an article from 1926 about a ship called the Eker being captured with $2mil worth of liquor on it, which mentions Harry Gertner and Cecil Kinder. I also found a book, written by Ellen NicKenzie Lawson and called Smugglers, Bootleggers, and Scofflaws: Prohibition and New York City, which mentions the Eker incident and how the boat was under the operation of the "Kinder/Gertner gang." I can't find much else about this syndicate, and I was wondering if anyone had an idea for how to get more detailed information on them (e.g. where, when, and with who they operated). Information about Morris Bernstein would be especially welcome. I know from a 1925 article I found that he got in a chase/shootout with the coast guard on the ship the Margie, and was supposedly shot seven times but survived(??). Would love to know more, especially about his and Harry Gertner's operations after Prohibition.