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    What is included in the military records?

    Joy Metcalf Wayfarer

      My father@ was in WW II stationed in the South Pacific.  He told me he was in the "second wave over Borneo", and that the first wave had been shot down.  He was a gunner, and at 22, was "the old man" of the crew.  I used to have a picture of him and the rest of the crew taken in front of the aircraft. I remember there was a girl in a swimsuit painted on the airplane. 


      I'd like to learn as much as I can about his comings and goings while in the USAAF, when he was drafted, when he went overseas, what bases he was assigned to, when he had leave, etc.  (If only I'd known to ask him when he was still here...)  Are these things typically included in the military records one can request?