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    Thomas & Elizabeth Throssell's bunching up 1650-1750

    John Throssell Wayfarer

      Hi, I have hit a brick wall concerning the Parents & Siblings of Thomas Throssell b approx 1745 Benefield Northamptonshire. Arch Deaconry of Oundle? (Thrussell Throssel in different searches) baptised 10 Oct 1759 age 14 Quaker, in Huntingdon. I believe he married Elizabeth Eyte 10 Oct 1776 in Benefield b 1754 Benefield. I cannot differentiate his parents, Thomas & Elizabeth also, amongst other near marriages.

      My last firm fix is John Throssell married Sarah Kingsley 22 Feb 1810 at Pirton, Hertfordshire. (Registration District Hitchin)

      Any help would be gratefully received.

      Regards. John Throssell. The wife swears there is no other like me, so no bunching here then!

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          Joshua Mason Adventurer

          Good afternoon,


          Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!


          The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the depository of the permanently valuable, non-current records of the Federal Government.  Our mission is to preserve the records and make them available to the public.  As part of our reference service, we provide information about the records, make copies of the records for a fee, and make records available for use in our research rooms.


          The Federal Government does not ordinarily create or maintain birth, death, marriage or divorce records.  Such records are made and kept by state and local governments rather than the National Archives. 


          If your relatives immigrated to the United States of America, what I would recommend doing is to use either Ancestry or FamilySearch in your searches as a starting point.  Ancestry is a subscription-based database, but it is available for free public use at all National Archives facilities and many public libraries.  FamilySearch is free but you have to create an account with them.  If your relatives did not immigrate to the United States, I would still recommend using Ancestry or FamilySearch as a resource as they both have a lot of records available from England. 


          We suggest that you review NARA’s Resources for Genealogists, as well as the History Hub Blog titled Suggestions and Advice for Family History Researchers.  Also, the FamilySearch Research wiki for United States Genealogy may be useful. 

          We hope this information is helpful and best of luck with your research!


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            John Throssell Wayfarer

            Thank you Joshua,

                                          Some realy good suggestion, I will be following them up.

            Regards. John