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    Are there photos of Revenue Cutters with Crew members?

    Laura Kelson Newbie

      I'm looking for my second great grandfather's service picture and pictures of him serving on the Revenue Coast Guard Cutter.  I hope to retrieve any information regarding my great grandfather. The U.S. Cutter was stationed in Tx before coming to Pensacola, Florida. The original name was Josephine R (Josie) because a civilian own it. The vessel was sold to the Navy or Coast Guard Fleet. Then the new name was changed to Charles B Penrose. She was purchase "on March 24 1883. The Penrose was stationed in Pensacola Florida during the American War and sank at Pensacola in the year of1905 and then the vessel was refloated. "Sources Donald Canney U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters 1790-1935 Annapolis, MD Institute 1995. On July 15, 1924, she was sold for $610.00."


      I'm looking for any pictures before May 8 1907 of either the ship docked in port at Texas or Pensacola Florida. I'm also, looking for any pictures of My great grandfather in military uniform or serving on this vessel. H died in the year of 1907, so pictures would be during this time frame. I believe the Navy tried to save it again but was unsuccessful. I would like to find any picture of my 2nd great grandfather Charles Pershing Kelson/Kellson AKA name was Carl Petter Olsson. His family was from Sweden and traveled often. I have looked for twenty years but I'm unable to find any pictures of my grandfather. I'm in the process of following procedure for obtaining all his military records including his DD 214. However, if someone could help with that to, I would appreciate the exrta help, Laura Kelson