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    Passenger Lists and Certificates of Arrival

    Martha Finfrock Newbie

      Background: I have a ship passenger list that lists a family of three.  The passenger list is for an arrival on 11 May 1912 in New York aboard the SS Cedric from Liverpool.  There is data written on the passenger list for each of these family members many years later.  For the mother and child, I have been able to figure out that the numbers and dates tie to the Certificate of Arrival issued by the Department of Justice when the passengers were applying for citizenship.  I have found the naturalization records on Ancestry (in Ohio, District Court Records), that include these certificates with the corresponding number for the mother and child.  I have not been able to find a naturalization record for the father. 


      Question: Were there application forms that were completed to obtain a Certificate of Arrival? Does Is it possible to obtain a copy from NARA of any corresponding documents if the Certificate number and date issued are available as entered on the passenger list?   How would I request a copy of such a record if it exists?


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          James Huntoon Adventurer

          Dear Martha Finfrock:


          Thank you for posting on History Hub!


          You may be able to locate the father’s naturalization record by contacting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), who holds naturalization records since September 27, 1906.  Here is a link to their Genealogy webpage.  I am not sure if an application form was required to obtain a Certificate of Arrival.  But USCIS can determine if a C-File exists, which may include the Certificate of Arrival.


          You can also request the mother’s and daughter’s C-File, the C-File may contain the same naturalization records you already have, but could contain more.


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